InstaHub is a social network for educational purpose only. Students can create their own social network as a database admin. They learn basics about working in a software project, creating and managing a database with SQL: querying (SELECT), interting (SQL INSERT, editing (UPDATE) and deleting (DELETE).

This project aims to help students develop a general technical understanding of social networks. As result, they will be able to discuss subjects as big data and information privacy.

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InstaHub is develped by WIssen


InstaHub is supported by Sächsische Mitmach-Fonds und Gesellschaft für Informatik - Fachgruppe Bayerische Informatiklehrkräfte (BIL)

Standing on the shoulders of giants

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Thank you for considering contributing to the InstaHub! Source is available at GitHub.


InstaHub used parts of Laragram from itsshady101


Mozilla Public License (MPL)